Save with a Travel List & More

Make a list of all the things you may need to take with you – don’t spare any item – you can always scratch it off or add on – depending on mode of travel (air-car-bus, etc.) Start a week or so ahead of your planned date of departure and print out a copy. You’ll find it easier if you categorize items. For instance … “Batch together” and list all toiletries; list all clothing; list all prescriptions, list camera, camcorder, cell phone, and like electronic items together.

Don’t forget to include items like the E-Z pass, change for tolls, credit cards; and, of course, those special items for each traveler be it child or senior citizen. About a week or so before the date of departure, print out a copy and as you begin to assemble items on the list, check them off. You’ll find you will think of something else to include, so add it on. This will help eliminate finding out, after you’re on the road five hours later that you thought of something and wondered if you packed it – and more than likely, forgot it.

Having saved the “Traveling List” on your computer … it will be there for you to print out again, with additions and/or corrections, if necessary – a most helpful Cowzy Cue!


___ Toothbrushes/cleaners ___ Kerchief(s)

___ Toothpaste ___ Underwear

___ Denture Cup/Tablets ___ Pajamas

___ Scope ___ Night Shirt

___ Deodorant ___ Robe/Housecoat

___ Q-Tips ___ Socks

___ After Shave Cologne ___ Stockings/Knee Highs

___ Shampoo ___ Short Sets

___ Conditioner ___ Sweat Suit

___ Hair Clips/Barettes ___ Bathing Suit

___ Hair Comb/Brushes ___ Skirt

___ Hair Bands ___ Jacket

___ Hair Dryer ___ Raincoat

___ Hair Spray ___ Shoes/Sandals

___ Cologne/Perfume ___ Slippers

___ Shower Cap ___ Slacks

___ Soap ___ Shirts/Blouses

___ Razors ___ Coat

___ 2nd Pair (Sun) Glasses


___ Prescriptions ___ Candies/Gum

___ Vitamins ___ Camera/Camcorder

___ Personal Creams ___ Extra Film/Tapes

___ Specific items for each individual ___ Thermos

___ Vitamins ___ Water Bottle

___ Children’s specific items ___ Cooler/Freezer Packs


___ Credit Cards/Cash ___ Towel/Wet Washcloth

___ License ___ Sandwiches

___ Registration/Ins. IDs ___ Wipes

___ Cell Phone + Charger ___ Snacks

Additional Suggestions:

Some time before the trip, share the Traveling List with other members who will travel with you, especially children, adding to the List any item such individual will want or need to make his or her trip more pleasant and comfortable in turn, making it so for everyone else.

Along with the useful Traveling List … a day or two ahead of the trip, lay out the clothing and/or items to be worn or used for each individual. This will eliminate the last minute rush of “what to wear” and “what to take.” This way too, an item can be added to the List and won’t be forgotten.

For long trips and overnight stays, be sure to take along items of interest to each individual for use at night at motels and/or hotels. For example, new DVDs or VCRs, coloring books, crossword puzzle books, knitting and/or crocheting supplies, if desired.

You might call ahead and ask of motel and/or hotel if DVD and/or VCR players are available. Also inquire if pets are allowed if traveling with you.

Some time before the trip, print out a set of address labels. These will be most useful and readily available for mailing of letters, postcards, pictures and/or souvenirs along the trip. A good supply of stamps will help also.

Take the time to “map out” your route, using an up-to-date Atlas. Also, ahead of the trip, make note of special features along the route worthy of sightseeing and/or a specific stop. Work any detours for such special places into the trip. (Most “items of interest” are usually at least a half hour off the main road).

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