Travelling List

We all need to have a travelling list and goals for so many personal reasons. So first why do we need is travel so important to all of us? Travel and adventure provides us all with a sense of freedom, exploration, interest and insights into other cultures, landscapes and natural wonders.

So what’s on your travelling list? Where do you want to travel and why? Sometimes the answer may surprise you and sometimes these have been dreams that have been with you since your childhood.

For instance one of the trips that I’ve always wanted to do was a shark diving trip in South Africa with great whites, an experience I’ve wanted to do since I was just a little kid. And on the flip side to this I got an offer to sail around Croatia, somewhere I had never really thought of travelling to before and now it is one place I would highly recommend to any one.

Whatever is actually on your travelling list, will be of some great experience or importance to you and again for so many different personal reasons. So to give you an idea of a travelling list I have listed the next three top destinations on my travelling list and why I want to travel to them.

Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

When everyone thinks reefs, snorkelling and/or diving they think Great Barrier Reef but what most people don’t realise that on the opposite side of the country is Ningaloo Reef, famous for their massive whale sharks and manta rays. Each year between May and November, when the reef is teaming with life and plankton for the whale sharks snorkelling tours give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. This is one tour that I do not want to miss out on and if you love snorkelling and wildlife tours then this is a must do for you too.

Peru, South America

Ancient history is another subject that I love exploring and where better than the ancient country of the ancient Incans. Each year the ‘Inca Trail’ opens up to tourist visiting from all over the world trekking here for all sorts of reasons. People travel here for the active and challenging hike, ancient history and for the beautiful scenery along the way. Generally it’s a four-day walk with campsites along the way taking you through the same ancient trek of the Incan people and eventually leading you to the mystical city of Machu Picchu. Peru for me is on my travelling list for all of the reasons mentioned above plus much more.

Transylvania, Romania

Along with ancient history and wildlife, the supernatural has always been interesting to me and Transylvania is where it all originates from making this one of the three on my travelling lists. The legend of Dracula starts here from the brutal historic events that took place by warlord Vlad Dracul. In these modern times Dracula tours give an insight into Vlads life but what really interests me is the annual Halloween party held in Dracula’s castle itself. And where else in the world could be better than at the place where the legend of Dracula started.

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